About Us

Words From Our President…

Newark and Port Newark Refrigerated Warehouses focus on handling imports and exports going through the Port of Newark / Elizabeth.  The products are largely food stored in temperature controlled conditions, although some of the products are dry products handled for customers that want the care associated with temperature controlled conditions.  Obviously, our customers are global so we have done everything possible to provide on a global bases access to all of the information about their inventory our customers need.  All ordering activity, inventory records, etc. are available on the internet.  EDI is available as are the more modern XML files.  Most communications between our customers and the warehouse personnel now takes place largely on cell phones and through emails.  When a problem occurs with an inbound load, the customer immediately receives an email containing pictures and a description of the problem.  The actual warehouse receipt will be emailed to the customer within 24 hours so that each customer is completely informed about the status of their cargo no matter where that customer is.  Customers should, and do, call and email individual management people directly.  Our customers receive the best possible information as quickly as possible. 

Although we handle many commodities, we do specialize in:

  1. Juice concentrates
  2. Meat
  3. Kosher products

The warehouse has developed special skills in handling these commodities.  For instance, the warehouse can redissolve precipated sugars in white grape juice concentrate.  The warehouse performs USDA meat inspections on all imported meat and, in fact, the Port Newark Refrigerated Warehouse accounts for about 80% of that business coming through Port Newark.  We have excellent relationships with a number of kosher certifying agencies to make sure that the USDA meat inspection and other procedures do not interfere with Kashrut. 

Both warehouses provide all services an importer or exporter may need including drayage to and from the Port, handling, storage, cross-docking, rail connection, product sampling, inventories, etc.  We also have other specialized services such as central customs container exam station (CES), USDA clean room, cold treatment capabilities and bulk pumping facilities. 

Because ships arrive at any time, over which the warehouse has no control, the warehouse is accustomed to doing whatever is necessary to get the containers from the piers and put the product in the warehouse without regard to weekends, holidays or any other event.  Many of our customers are local and pick up their own product. Therefore, appointments are not required although a 24 hour in advance appointment, however, is much appreciated.
Newark Refrigerated Warehouse has 16 temperature controlled rooms and, therefore, we can offer customers specific temperatures, 55°F for white grape, 28°F for fresh meats and so on.  If a customer has any special needs, we probably can accommodate them.

The new building at Newark Refrigerated Warehouse has man-operated cranes, 65 feet tall and is a very efficient warehouse using RF.  RF is also being installed on the older building in Newark.  Port Newark Refrigerated Warehouse is building a new building which will have fully automated cranes 120 feet tall and will be able to provide better service more economically to our customers.  We are focused on using the best available technology to serve our global customers. 

All we have to offer our customers is service.  We think that it is the best it can be.  If it is not, we will improve it.  Our mission is to serve our customers.  All other policies are subordinate to the needs of our customers.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our service and competitiveness of our prices.

Thank you for reading this brief message.